This project aims to reduce PET consumption in bottle production, whilst developing technology for incorporating rPET (recycled PET) in an optimal and sustainable way, and also contributing for increasing the performance of its productive process.

This study will start with science of materials, about PET and rPET properties, and the way they are affected by the stretch-blow process. This project will study the impact of the temperature and process characteristic in the crystalline arrangement of polymers, and its impact on bottle resistance to top load. This will allow for greater reduction in specific PET consumption for each bottle.

This project is mostly dependent of the impact of the temperature profile on the material’s behavior, which brings out the long term identified need for greater control on the temperature profile of the preform.

Today, the stretch-blow molding process has some handicaps on controlling the pre-form’s external temperature profile, and there is not a technical solution for controlling the inside temperature profile when entering the mold. This bring us to the second objective of the project, which is to develop a system for measuring the external and internal temperature profile on the preform, and to control the oven in order to achieve the correct temperature profile (which is not constant along the preform).

The combination of the scientific and technological achievements will allow for greater control on the process, greater performance, better replication between machines and factories, reduction of setup time, and also allow for greater addition of rPET with optimized material control.



Project name| HEATPET: Production of bottles with a higher sustainable profile: master temperature effects on a preform for PET bottle production
Project code| LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-045336
Main goal| Reinforce research, technological development and innovation
Region| Lisbon


Approval date| 19-12-2019
Start date| 01-09-2019 End date| 31-08-2021


Total eligible cost| 562.968,36 EUR
European Union financial support| FEDER – 189.014,66 EUR

HEATPET Project aims to acquire in-depth knowledge on the effect of using recycled raw material in PET bottle manufacturing and to develop an innovative temperature control system for the blowing process.



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