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We began as a family business in 1976 and as a family business over the next four decades. Now, with the backing of the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan, our family is growing to serve the globe  and transform the industry for a sustainable future.


Filipe de Botton
Logoplaste's Chairman

Alexandre Relvas
Executive Board Member

Since 2016 the day-to-day operations are entrusted to an international executive team.  Meet the people who are guiding Logoplaste - and the plastic packaging industry - to a sustainable future.

Our Executive Team

Since 2016, our day-to-day operations have been entrusted to an international executive team.  Meet the men and women who are guiding Logoplaste and leading the plastic packaging industry to a circular economy in which plastics are recycled bottle to bottle.

Gerardo Chiaia
Chief Executive Officer

“It is my responsibility to keep Logoplaste true to its purpose and commitment, but my first task is to care for my team. Trust, collaboration, respect are key words I always carry with me, for my colleagues, for our customers and for the consumers.”

Charles Vinopal
Chief Human Resources Officer

"HR is dedicated to supporting Logoplaste’s purpose by attracting, engaging, developing, and retaining great people. We focus on shaping the workplace for the future, ensuring that we remain true and unique."

Conceição Menezes
Chief Digital Officer

“My mission is to support the transformation of operations and processes into digital so we can create an agile, collaborative and innovative environment that optimizes customer experience.”

Luis Almeida
Chief Marketing Officer

“Our team strives to improve Logoplaste solutions to meet our partners key goals and at the same time enhance the sustainability of all the packaging manufacturing.”

Paula Rodrigues
Chief Financial Officer

“My team and I work to support our colleagues worldwide, helping to deliver on our financial commitments and keeping track of our progress. This requires a united, focused team.”

Paulo Correia
Chief Technology Officer

“Logoplaste Innovation Lab is a blank canvas, where my team and I transform dreams into reality. It is so exciting to see an idea scale to industrial production, go beyond customers’ expectations and create new consumer behaviors.”

Paulo Faisca
Chief Investment Officer

“With discipline we will increase our growth pace. My team and I are fully committed to this journey, and we're making it happen through a rigorous, creative approach to all our projects and through trustworthy bounds with our customers.”

Rui Abelho
Chief Commercial Officer

“Responsibility. This is our flag word in sales. We track new business, we take care of our customers and we enjoy sharing knowhow and expertise. Promoting Logoplaste as a strategic supplier is not a mission or a purpose, it is an added value that we honor.”

Stefano Mirti
Chief Operating Officer

“What motivates me every day is transforming how we operate. We want to be recognized as the most trusted supplier of high-quality products, with the highest supply reliability, and the fastest time-to-market for new projects."

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