Our motto, since 1976, is…

We work today for a better tomorrow.
At Logoplaste, sustainable rigid plastic packaging is part of our present.


Responsive image Our commitment to People &  Community Our commitment to Environment & Economy Our commitment to Innovation Our Sustainability Board takes the stand For us a sustainable package means:
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Our commitment to People & Community

  • Zero Tolerance towards discrimination, harassment, child labour and any form of forced labour
  • Assuring the highest Ethical Behaviour from Everyone at Logoplaste
  • Promotion of a Safety Culture and responsible workplace, aiming to Zero Accidents
  • Attract, Engage, Develop, Retain and Care for our Employees, so They feel at Home
  • Being Part of and Supporting the Communities in which we are Privileged to operate in
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Our commitment to Environment & Economy

  • To be THE Business Partner of choice
  • Continue to invest on our Pioneering Business Model of Wall-to-Wall (W2W) plants, delivering nil CO2 Emissions on bottle logistics
  • Work with Business Partners that share the same Ethical Values and Principles
  • Use strategic Supply Chain Partnerships to build a Circular Economy by:
    • Developing packaging solutions that are fully recyclable or reusable by 2025
    • Increasing the incorporation of recycled materials in all our packaging by 2025
    • Driving recycling activities and technologies
  • Reduce GHG Emissions and Operational Waste across all Logoplaste plants
  • Continue to promote a conscious and efficient use of Water
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Our commitment to Innovation

  • Work together with our Partners to implement Lightweight packaging programs
  • Integrate Biomimicry Thinking – Innovation inspired by Nature – to design end-to-end effective sustainable packaging solutions
  • Innovate, Advise and Support our Partners to provide packaging that incorporates recycled and/or renewable raw materials
  • Develop Upstream channels that can Underpin Both Our Partners and Logoplaste Sustainability commitments
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Our Sustainability Board takes the stand

"Logoplaste is committed to driving Sustainability Best Practices across all our sites and throughout our supply chain. We believe this is our responsibility.

It’s a commitment across all our plants operating in 16 countries on 3 continents. No matter the local laws and regulations, the local culture, or the local level of sustainability engagement, Logoplaste has the same responsibility to be industry-leading stewards of the environment.

Sustainability has been at the core of Logoplaste’s business model from the beginning. Our pioneering wall to wall (W2W) concept—locating our facilities inside partner production sites—removes logistics associated with the transport and delivery of empty bottles, eliminates the need for secondary packaging, and creates a just-in-time packaging supply. Compared to traditional business models, this approach saves CO2 emissions in the overall production value chain.

Logoplaste is also very proud to be a signatory of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The biggest effort ever to mobilize a global upstream response to address plastics waste and pollution at its root cause. By joining this effort, we are giving a step forward on our commitment towards a transition to a truly circular economy for plastics.

Our company commitments until 2025:

  1. Take actions to eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging
  2. Take actions to move from single-use towards reuse models where possible
  3. 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable
  4. Continue to grow the use of recycled content across all packaging we produce
  5. Achieve, or exceed, the legal requirements on the use of PCR content, working hand-in-hand with our Industrial Partners

How can this be achieved?

  • Working close together with our Partners to incorporate more recycled raw material
  • Implementing lightweight / rightweight programs
  • Using innovative design tools for recycling and biomimicry thinking
  • Using raw materials with established recycling streams
  • Working with our Partners and Suppliers to produce packaging with an improved environmental profile
  • Designing and producing reusable packaging whenever possible
  • Supporting Deposit Return Systems (DRS) for single-use plastic drinking bottles in countries where we operate
  • Engaging key stakeholders in the supply chain to develop, evaluate ad validate new and/or alternative raw materials and recycling technologies

It will be exciting to see changes in the next few years as we, along with other key players in the plastics industry, work to reduce waste and capitalize on recycling activities that reuse packaging as the basis for new raw material."

Logoplaste's Sustainability Board


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For us a sustainable package means:


Sustainable Initiatives

Sustainable Best Practices and a Sustainable Attitude are the core of Corporate Values.
Precise actions and a proactive mind, shape Logoplaste into a sustainable company.



Logoplaste’s Sustainability Report 2019 is now available. Find out all about what we are working on to help shape a sustainable tomorrow, where rigid plastic packaging is part of the solution

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Logoplaste is among the 1st members to sign the Global Commitment.
This first group of companies represents 20% of all plastic packaging produced worldwide.

Read more


Logoplaste’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) scores place us in the top 30% performers evaluated worldwide by EcoVadis. We are, and have always been since 1976, a company with a sustainable business model, the W2W concept.

Find out more


As one of over 7,000 companies to respond to CDP in 2018, this was the first year we submitted our results for the entire company, all our 63 sites, and we scored a B.

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Logoplaste is a signee to the United Nations Global Compact. This wide-ranging agreement highlights our commitment to the Environment, Labour Practices, Human Rights and Fair Business Practices. It helps companies keep their standards high in all these critical areas. 
Read our United Nations Global Compact Progress Report 2018-19

Our report


Logoplaste is committed to achieving and promoting a set of values in the areas of Business Ethics, Human Rights & Labor Practices, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environmental Responsibility. We intend to only work with Suppliers and Contractors who share these values and principles. Learn more about what we expect from our suppliers. 

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No matter the local laws and regulations, the local culture, or the local level of sustainability engagement, Logoplaste has the same responsibility to be industry-leading steward of the environment.


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