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BETTER PLASTICS aims to be the Mobilizing Project for the Plastics Sector in Portugal, capable of leveraging the sector’s transition to a circular economy. It is the result of an initiative by APIP – Portuguese Association of the Plastics Industry, which aims to mobilize the private sector together with national authorities, universities and citizens, through this application to the SI I&DT – Programas Mobilizadores, thus contributing to the objectives of the Circular Economy – Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, greater resource efficiency and job creation.


Given the complexity of the Plastics Industry value chain, which involves a very large number of Stakeholders (e.g. plastics materials and raw materials producers, processors, brand-owners, retailers and distributors, waste management agents, among many others), it has become essential to promote the creation of a true innovation ecosystem capable of involving all these economic agents and civil society, in order to address the challenges that the Circular Economy presents.


BETTER PLASTICS aims to ensure the sustainability of the new value chain in the plastics sector in Portugal, through the creation of an Innovation and R&D strategy in order to develop new materials, products, processes, systems, technologies and services, which respond to current and future challenges and ensure the circularity of Plastics in Portugal.


The consortium is formed by 25 entities that effectively represent the entire Plastics sector in Portugal, involving companies from different plastics and ENESIIs with complementary scientific competences, which allow a complete approach of the different areas of knowledge for the sustainable development of the industry.

The project is structured in 5 main PPS:

  • PPS 1: Circularity for Material Design
  • PPS 2: Circularity for Product Design
  • PPS 3: Circularity for Recycling
  • PPS 4: Circularity for Alternative Raw Materials
  • PPS 5: Project Coordination, Promotion, Dissemination and Valuation of Results


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Project Code| LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-046091

Main Goal | Reinforce research, technological development and innovation


Region | Lisbon

Beneficiary | Logoplaste Innovation Lab, Lda. 

Approval Date | 09.06.2020

Start Date | 01.07.2020  


Total eligible cost| 7.376.085,17 EUR (PROJETO)

European Union financial support| 132.115,83 EUR (LOGOPLASTE)


BETTER PLASTICS will leverage the sector's transition to a Circular Economy, ensuring the sustainability of the new value chain in the plastics sector, focused on the development of new materials, products and processes that respond to the current and future challenges of Plastics.






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