As we told you before, Logoplaste is, at its core, a family business. The company was founded in 1976 by Marcel de Botton, and his personal history intertwines with the business as it grew.

Although the world was different back then, the vision he created is more current now than before. Always a pioneer in terms of quality standards, sustainability and environmental concerns, Marcel de Botton was the mind behind the heart of our business: the “Through the Wall” concept. Like many great things, the idea was a mix between a survival instinct and a very clear vision of the future.

Marcel arrived in Portugal in 1940. For many years, he owned one of the largest Portuguese plastic factories in the greater Lisbon area. In 1974, things changed dramatically in Portugal, one of them being, companies could no longer be privately owned.

After trying to run the business, side by side with the employees' council and the syndicates, Marcel was not happy with the results. He knew it was time to sell the company, for only 1 dollar, and decided to start all over doing what he loved best: rigid plastic packaging.

The political situation was still the same, so Marcel thought of an ingenious way of making it work for him.

To avoid employees’ council and syndicates, the company had to have a staff under 50. So, Marcel installed small factories integrated inside the client’s infrastructures. Always focusing on excellence in both product delivery and customer service, the concept kept evolving until it became a 360º approach designed exclusively for the clients needs.

Never stopping is Marcel de Botton’s secret to staying fit and active. At 92 years old he is still a driving force behind the company. A firm believer in education as a tool to change minds and behaviors, Marcel still works every day to put his knowledge and experience to the service of making the plastic industry - from the producers to the consumers and everyone in between - the best version of itself.

From the beginning Logoplaste’s Founder has always led a double life: one dedicated to plastics, and the other dedicated to sustainability.

He is, since the beginning, a visionary man.


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A brief glimpse into Marcel de Botton’s

  • 1989 President of GIR – Portuguese Intersectoral Recycling Group
  • 1990 Chairman of APIP – Portuguese Plastic Industry Association
  • 1994 Advisory Board Member – Portuguese National Package Center
  • 1995 Founder and Honorary Chairman of EUPAC – European Plastics Converters
  • 1999 Founder Sociedade Ponto Verde – Portuguese Association for Consumer Recycling
  • 2002 Board Member Plastval – Plastic Waste Management in Portugal
  • 2003 Founder and Vice President of PIEP – Innovation in Polymers Engineering
  • 2012 Founder PETCORE – European Association representing the PET Value Chain
  • 2014 Honorary President Interfileiras – Portuguese National Association Packaging Waste management
  • 2015 Founder of WFO – Waste Free Oceans Portugal

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