Planting 500 trees, together

July 23, 2019 in News Releases

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Back in May, the region around Mexico City was devastated by fire. Combined with the city’s high pollution level, people were asked to stay indoors and schools were closed for 2 days.

This disaster got Alejandro Quiroz, Logoplaste’s Toluca Plant Manager, thinking. Him and his team decided they want to be a part of the task force to help by replant trees.

Together with local authorities, the entire Toluca team (58 people), got together on July 4th to plant Pino trees, in the municipality of Temoaya.

Taking advantage of a full day work stoppage in the plant due to maintenance work to the electrical substation, the team got on the road at 8 am and in one day, 58 people planted 500 trees in the forest area of Temoaya. Of all the groups that worked on the reforestation, Logoplaste Toluca was the team that planted the most trees!

Everyone worked hard to get it done. When asked how he felt, Alejandro said:

“I am very proud to belong to Logoplaste and I am extremely proud of my colleagues. We all participate as the team to get the trees planted. It felt really good, to all of us, to help our planet, even though it is just a little bit, we did achieve our 500 tree goal. We have committed to going again next year and plant even more trees, surpassing this year’s goal”

After a hard day’s work, the team continued together to eat, play soccer.

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