Logoplaste commits to reduce carbon emissions

June 08, 2020 in News Releases

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Logoplaste commits to reduce carbon emissions by growing wall to wall business model

Logoplaste, a pioneer in the wall to wall business model, has created the first institutional term loan directly linked to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors.

The company has linked the cost of its debt to a year on year growth of savings of CO2 emissions. The savings of CO2 emissions are achieved by increasing the number of wall to wall facilities (W2W), factories installed within the client premises, that avoid transport of empty bottles and usage of secondary packaging. This unique set up is far superior in to a traditional offsite packaging approach from a sustainability point of view and cost.

All lenders were unanimous in backing the change in the ground breaking financing terms.

“This is just one metric – albeit with great impact from an environmental standpoint – where we have found real confluence of economic and sustainability objectives. A concept like this is not going to be relevant or applicable to every portfolio company, but I think it is very interesting to get debt investors focusing on the principle”, said one of the backers of the initiative.

In 2019, the firm estimated that its model saved more than 12,000 tons of CO2 compared to the market norms – equivalent to the emissions of around 6,900 transatlantic flights, or the amount consumed by 557,000 trees every year. Logoplaste aims to increase this CO2 saving in 2020 and onward.

Gerardo Chiaia, Logoplaste's CEO, added: “This is only one initiative in a well-articulated plan that includes actions such as increase in the usage of recycled content, reduction of waste and energy consumption, … Our goal is very ambitious: we want to build plants that are at least Carbon Neutral or even become regenerative from a CO2 emissions perspective.”

By assuming this commitment, Logoplaste is doubling up on its strategy to become the reference in sustainability.


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