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On October the 29th, 2018, in Bali, at the “Our Ocean Conference” organized by the Indonesia Government, the “New Plastics Economy Global Commitment” was presented by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The “New Plastics Economy Global Commitment” aims to create a new scenario for plastic packaging, increasing the amount of reused or recycled plastics in new products and promoting innovation to ensure 100% of Plastic packaging can be reused, recycled or composted by 2025. 

LOGOPLASTE is proud to announce that it is among the first members to sign the Global Commitment.  This first group of companies represents 20% of all plastic packaging produced worldwide. 

Filipe de Botton, Logoplaste’s Chairman & Chairman of Logoplaste’s Sustainability Board, was extremely happy

“This is another step in LOGOPLASTE’S support of a Global Sustainability Agenda, streamlining with the company’s existing Industrial Model and Development Capabilities, well known in to the global market. From its inception, Logoplaste has always had concern for both the environment and social responsibility. These two areas, alongside an innovative backbone, have been the cornerstones of the company’s business module.” 

Enclosed please find ‘A line in the sand’ – Global Commitment to eliminate plastic pollution at the source” document, explaining this new ambitious project.

For more information please contact: 
Susana Garcia 
Sustainability Manager 

Tel: +351 911 000 475 (mobile) 

18/09/2018 - POLLINATION DAY 2018

Next September 20th 2018 in Cascais – Portugal, Logoplaste Innovation Lab will host its 4th European edition of Pollination Day.
Pollination Day is a bi-annual event where innovation is at the front line.

This Innovation Event brings together Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies, as well industry leaders and associations, from all around the world to debate different subjects.
Design, Biomimicry, Sustainability, Raw materials, Circular Economy and their supply dynamics as well as market trends are some of the issues on the agenda. Industry trends are analyzed, latest hot topics discussed and valuable networking is done throughout the day.

Attendees range from CEOs, COOs, Decision Makers to Managers from Development, Design, Marketing, Purchasing, Operations, Innovation and Supply Chain.

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Want to learn more about who is speaking at Pollination Day?
Please see our Speaker Profile.

Need directions?
Please see map by clicking here

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Darren Wingrove, Logoplaste Innovation Lab UK Project Manager, was a jury member for an important GreenSeas initiative that aims to keep beaches cleaner. 

Popular beaches in West Sussex, and across the UK, could become cleaner, thanks to an innovative waste bin designed by a student at the University of East London (UEL).

The BinForGreenSeas project, organised by the GreenSeas Trust (www.greenseas.org) and supported by Arun District Council and its Waste Contractor Biffa, saw 9 students create designs for an iconic beach waste bin that could help reduce seaside waste by reminding visitors to dispose of their litter carefully. 

Judging to select a winning design took place at the university.

The students, all in their first year of their product design course, showcased innovate and forward thinking designs using 3D models, accompanied by their presentations. 

The winning design, produced by 19 year old, Laura Monica Carusato, takes its inspiration from the ventilation shafts of the majestic passenger liners of a bygone era. “It’s designed so people don’t just place or drop plastic waste in the bin, they throw it in, so it becomes fun, something children and adults can enjoy, like playing basketball.”

The judging panel comprised of:

  • Fazilette Khan, Founding Trustee of the GreenSeas Trust
  • Edina Seiben, GreenSeas Trust Project Coordinator
  • Karen Sherwood, Biffa Business Development Manager 
  • Darren Wingrove, Project Manager for Logoplaste Innovation Lab UK 

They assessed the designs for originality, form and use of materials; effectiveness in attracting attention; potential to carry educational messages; practicality (function and ease of use); serviceability (ease of emptying); and manufacture (production cost, sustainability and durability).

"We are very excited to have reached this milestone and chosen the winning bin design” said Fazilette Khan.  
"Changing behaviour to stop people leaving their litter on beaches or discarding it into waterways is challenging. We are optimistic this bin design will help do just that,"   
Karen Sherwood commented: “All of the designs submitted showed that a lot of thought had gone into them. Laura’s prototype won for its originality of design, ease of use, and because it would be practical to clean and empty. Every year, Biffa’s cleaning staff collects and disposes of many tonnes of waste that are so thoughtlessly left on Arun’s beaches.”
Working together for a better future. 
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Logoplaste Innovation Lab’s 

for the Vimágua reusable water bottle.

Answering the questions of why, what, where and for who.

Let yourself go and feel the difference… for the complete experience turn up the volume before watching the movie 

To learn mora about Logoplaste Innovation Lab please visit www.logoplasteinnovationlab.com

It gives us great pride to share a lifetime tribute that the Society of Plastic Engineers, in the USA, paid to our Founder, Marcel de Botton. 

Marcel de Botton is a visionary man, that revolutionized the rigid plastic packaging industry, never loosing focus on environmental and sustainability issues.

He founded Logoplaste in 1976, and created a company that has pioneered in in-house manufacturing with the "through the wall" concept, supplying plastic packages "just-in-time".

A life time dedicated to a better world. Those who have had the opportunity to work with him, say that Marcel de Botton faces life with a positive attitude, a tight grip and realist management, never spending more than is made. His personality has been forged by life’s trials and by an innate survival instinct. Never looking back and always hopeful in the future. Placing his faith in his team has always paid off and today the results are visible.

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The Vimágua reusable water bottle, designed and produced by Logoplaste Innovation Lab, wins another international award.

This time, it is the prestigious German Design Award 2018 for Excellent Communications Design Packaging.

How important is this award?
"The German Design Award is one of the best-known design competitions in the world and is help in high regard well beyond professional circles. Anyone who manages to stand out against the extremely high level of competition has successfully proved themselves to be among the best."

For more information please visit German Design's site

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Engineering for the future - 2nd Edition  ::  Logoplaste’s Engineering for the future Internship Trainees have spent 4 months in Leeds learning and getting a hands experience with Extrusion blow molding production process. 

As part of their training,  trainees Francisco Fernandes, João Castelo and João Paulos, spent 2 weeks at the Technical Center,  with Alan Roche, Leeds Process Engineer.  Integration with the Leeds team was easy, which creates a positive environment for proactive learning.

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The Vimágua reusable water bottle, designed and produced by Logoplaste Innovation Lab, wins another international award.

This time, the water drop like bottle wins the Red Dot Award for Communication Design.
Logoplaste Innovation Lab has won the sought-after Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017, one of the largest and most respected design competitions.

The international jury, 24 experts, judged 8,051 projects over 18 categories. Only the best works win this seal of quality for design. This year the number of entries reached a new record, not only in terms of submitted works, but also raising the level of internationalization on last year.

Basically this means, that competition is fierce and wining is a great honor. 

The award ceremony will be held in Berlin, Germany, on October 27th

The Red Dot is celebrating its 25th anniversary. For more information please visit Red Dot's site  

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Operation Clean Sweep in action at Logoplaste

Logoplaste Coleford shared knowledge on how to implement Operation Clean Sweep. 
Visiting companies have already started to work on Operation Clean Sweep® and this visit gave them an opportunity to learn ideas and be inspired by the work Logoplaste have already done. 

Neil Parsons, Logoplaste’s QHS Manager, was the host to this event, where information as well as knowledge was shared. 

Operation Clean Sweep puts into practice a system to ensure plastic pellets are contained within their site.  At Logoplaste we work together for a better future

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“Building Capacity” 
Carlyle’s Corporate Citizenship Report 2017

Logoplaste is present with a case study on “Innovating to meet customers' sustainability goals”.  
Here it is explained how we, Logoplaste,  implement creative solutions to help our clients achieve their growing sustainability goals.  

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Roberto Villaquiran appointed CEO of Logoplaste

Logoplaste  announced the appointment of Roberto Villaquiran as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer. 

Mr. Villaquiran is a highly experienced global packaging industry executive.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Villaquiran said: "I have been very impressed with Logoplaste's business model, growth prospects, client focus and commitment to packaging innovation.   I’m excited to join Filipe, Alexandre and the rest of the team, and am grateful to them, and Carlyle, for allowing me the opportunity to contribute to Logoplaste exciting future.”

More information please see attached press release
Or contact 

Magda Merali
Tel: +351 910 513 159 (mobile) GMT 
Email: magda.merali@logoplaste.com 

Logoplaste Innovation Lab receiving the iF Design Award

Carlos Alves, Designer, and Daniel Correia, Project Manager, were present, at prestigious iF Design 2017 ceremony, to receive the award for the Vimágua reusable water bottle. Also present was the Vimágua team, the client. 

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The bottle will now carry the iF seal and will be featured in the official iF Design Guide and Design Excellence site. 

The award ceremony took place at the BMW Welt Museum in Munich, Germany. This year there were 5,575 entries, from 59 countries. To evaluate all these entries, a team of 58 international jurors took 3 full days.

The Vimágua reusable water bottle was commissioned by Vimágua – public water provider for the counties of Guimarães and Vizela, in the North of Portugal. When they asked Logoplaste Innovation Lab to design a bottle their goal was to change water consumption habits in their young population, as the bottle is mainly given to school attending children. Vimagua never thought their health orientated bottle would be part of the iF Design catalogue

Logoplaste Innovation Lab wins  the prestigious iF Design Award for its Vimágua water bottle.

The iF Design Awards are the world standard of quality for exceptional design. 

This year there were 5,575 entries, from 59 countries.  To evaluate all these entries, a team of 58 international jurors took 3 full days.

Logoplaste Innovation Lab’s Design Team is thrilled to have another award for their bottle design.
The award ceremony will take place in the BMW Welt in Munich, on 10 March 2017.

As a reminder, this is the 3rd award the Logoplaste Innovation Lab team has received in less than 2 years.  The Ecover Ocean Bottle and the EPAL Fill Forever bottle were winners in 2015.

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  • To see how difficult it is for the Jury please click here
  • For more information on the iF Design Awards please click here

For more information please contact innovationlab@logoplaste.com

20/01/2017 - Logoplaste interviewed by Sidel
Logoplaste mentioned in the news

Diogo Cortez, Industrial Buyer at Logoplaste,  was interviewed by Sidel, regarding their Online Services, where Logoplaste wants to achieve a faster and more efficient solution for original spare parts handling. 

“Today all 15 Logoplaste plants in Europe are connected to Sidel Services Online, with each plant having an average of 2 or 3 users,” explains Diogo, “Our decision to adopt Sidel Services Online  is part of the company’s strategy to embrace the digital revolution.” 

To read the full interview please click on the link at the bottom of the page. 

12/12/2016 - "The Most International Company"
Logoplaste a very international company 

Logoplaste was given 2nd place in the Portuguese ranking of "The Most International Companies" 

A thorough study was conducted evaluating different parameters, including the capacity companies have to culturally adapt to new environments.
Luis Almeida, Logoplaste's CFO, was there to receive the prize, an executive course for a Logoplaste employee from the INDEG ISCTE Business School

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12/12/2016 - Operation Clean Sweep
Fighting for a better world

Plastics Europe, along with La Fédération de la Plasturgie et des Composites, and Elipso have launched the Clean Sweep Program, where companies are asked prevent pellet loss in the environment. 
France, and all its Plants – Cambrai, Lons, Campbon and Vienne, have signed the certificate where they embrace this commitment and work towards a better world.  

The Program has 6 recommendations for companies to follow. 

For more information please visit https://opcleansweep.org/
Also visit the British Plastics Federation site www.bpf.co.uk

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28/11/2016 - H2020 Roll-Out
Logoplaste Innovation Lab gets involved 

During November, the H2020 Roll-Out European project team met for their work session. 

The host was Logoplaste Innovation Lab's premises in Cascais, Portugal. 

Roll-Out is a project that will give intelligence to packaging. In practical terms, a bottle can let you know how much you have drank and if the liquid is in optimal temperature to be consumed. Logoplaste Innovation Lab is responsible for incorporating "intelligence", via an integrated system, into the a PET bottle. 

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24/11/2016 - POLLINATION DAY 2016
Pollination Day 2016, in Cascais, Portugal, has started it afternoon session. 

Sharing information and ideas, based on innovation, in the rigid plastic packaging industry.

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Logoplaste Innovation Lab designed, developed and produced yet another success, the new Vimágua reusable water bottle. 

Its design is inspired by both the drop and the water surface ripple effect. 

The 450ml PET bottle weights 25g and its manufacturing process uses less energy, when compared to reusable bottles produced in other materials. 
The PP cap is also optimized and weights 1.3g. The production process was SBM.

For more information please contact Logoplaste Innovation Lab innovationlab@logoplaste.com

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Less than a month to go for Logoplaste Innovation Lab's Pollination Day 2016, Cascais - Portugal. 

Enclosed please find the agenda. 

For more information innovationlab@logoplaste.com

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26/10/2016 - NEW BOTTLE NECK
World premiere of the new bottle neck launch

Back in 2005, LOGOPLASTE launched the 29/25 bottle neck. 
Today this neck finish design is a reference and used Worldwide.

LOGOPLASTE has launched an up-grade of the neck design this year, with a World Premiere in Portugal with our key strategic partners.
The new neck finish removes 20% of the weight, but keeping the same performance and interface with existing caps.

This will enable another step further in light weight and in carbon footprint reduction. 

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Cascais, October 27th, 2016 

Procter & Gamble Company has recognized twelve of its top performing External Business Partners with its prestigious Partner of the Year award. 

P&G has worked extensively to become better connected with its external business partners in recent years, especially in product and supply innovation. At the awards ceremony, P&G leaders specifically thanked several companies for their collaboration and business results in this area. 

P&G has now expanded its business partner integration into citizenship, where governance, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion are just three topics targeted for better synchronization. The passion applied to innovation and citizenship are examples of a supply network transformation that has seen P&G and its community of partners cooperating anew, making step-changes in areas of production, creating breakthrough ways to connect, and pioneering new opportunities to collaborate. P&G is extremely pleased and proud of the spirit of partnership it is receiving from these companies.

Logoplaste was one of the twelve suppliers, chosen worldwide, among more than 50,000 suppliers and agencies, to receive the External Business Partner Award. 

Speaking at the event honoring those recognized as Partner of the Year, David Taylor, P&G’s Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, asked P&G’s external business partners to continue to strive for the best collaborative relationship with P&G, saying: “We’re focused on getting back to balanced growth. Our supplier partners have a key role to play in our ability to deliver top-line, bottom-line and cash. The more integrated and connected P&G and our supplier partners are, the better able we are to be more innovative and productive in meeting consumers’ needs and, as a result, deliver balanced and sustainable growth and value creation for our shareholders.” He made several requests of those in attendance, including more business transparency with each other and helping P&G become faster in getting products to market. 

P&G works with all business partners to reach excellence levels, and therefore there is no limit on the number of excellence awards that can be achieved.

Logoplaste’s Rui Abelho, Managing Director for North America, and Stephen Mancey, Managing Director for Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, were extremely happy with the award. It represents all that Logoplaste stands for, with its “Through the Wall” Business Model and its capacity to deliver. 

After the ceremony awards, Rui Abelho said: “P&G is probably the Partner with whom we have been learning more. Its desire to always do better; its capacity for motivation; its drive, makes Logoplaste be a better company every day. Since I started developing the American Market, P&G has always been one of our best customers and partners”.

Stephen Mancey
, also responsible for the P&G worldwide account, was delighted with this award. “In the past 15 years, I have been with Logoplaste, we have developed true team work with P&G. We look forward to continuing this great partnership.”

For more information:

Magda Merali
Tel: +351 910 513 159 (mobile) GMT 
Email: magda.merali@logoplaste.com

To download the press release - click on the PDF at the bottom righthand conner 

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This year, Logoplaste Innovation Lab’s Pollination Day will be held in Cascais on November 24th 

For more information please contact innovationlab@logoplaste.com

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14/10/2016 - LOGOWORLD 2016 IS OUT

LOGOWORLD 2016, Logoplaste’s annual magazine, is out and it is looking good.

With a new format and new design, the magazine wants its readers to get to know Logoplaste better.

We do hope you enjoy it.

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Click here to view the PDF

To view the flip page version follow this link

For more information please contact communication@logoplaste.com

The Carlyle Group agrees to partner with Logoplaste. Investment will foster growth and fuel international expansions both in Europe and the USA.   

For more information please view the press release.

LOGOTV :: Logoplaste's Corporate TV 

Last year Logoplaste’s Internal Communications Department had a big challenge: to launch a corporate television program for the plants. 

Why television? Because is it an appealing way to transmit information. 
Broadcasted news looks good, information is short and straight to the point, strong images and exciting movies grab people’s attention. Content can be divided into programs, making it easy to organize the loop. 

The objective was to deliver not only a global messages worldwide, but also to provide plants with a new channel for their plant specific information. As a multinational company, Logoplaste wanted to create more involvement with all its team, sharing the same corporate message at the same time. 

One year later the results are very good.
Employees enjoy the new channel and are always up to date on what is going on worldwide. 

A universal corporate TV project, with a centralized back office, is powerful solution making it very easy to manage and update. 
Logoplaste has 12 official languages and broadcasts are localized for each country, but the message is always the same. 

On top of the corporate loop, plants can upload their specific information which serves a double purpose. On the one hand, this content is relevant to the teams at that plant, so it makes the channel even more useful. On the other hand, people pay more attention to the global, corporate, information as they know  the broadcast also contains content that is relevant to their day-to-day work. 

Download LOGOTV’s overview and learn more about this global communication project. 
For more information please contact communication@logoplaste.com 

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Stephen Mancey, Managing Director of Logoplaste NCEE, is on the list of influential people in the UK Plastics Industry 

PRW, a leading trade magazine serving the UK polymer industry, unveiled, at the PDM Event in Telford, its list of the 70 most influential individuals in the domestic plastics sector. Logoplaste’s NCEE Director, Stephen Mancey, is on the list.

Stephen is also a British Plastics Federation and Packaging Council Member. He is participates actively at the Institute of Materials – Polymer Group and helps in an Educational and Training Group, sharing his expertise and knowledge.

Recently Stephen Mancey helped write and reference the size of the UK plastics Industry. 

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David Duarte, Portuguese Trainee, shares his experience at Logoplaste Guadalajara - Spain, in a 6 month of internship program 

After an initial run in Portuguese plants, David accepted the challenge to move to Spain, to Guadalajara, to learn a new production process and see how a fully automated plant works. 

Having a degree in Mechanics, with a Masters in Production & Maintenance, Guadalajara has proven to be an incredible experience due to the plants innumerous automated processes. 

Moving was not as hard as David initially thought. The plant’s team comes from different locations within Spain, so in a way, a great part of the team is away from home. This brings them all together at the end of the day and on weekends. 

The language, although from a same Latin base, is harder. Especially when it comes to technical meetings, discussing details. 

Completely integrated in the team and its daily chores, David has a long list of objectives, which range from the identification of energy saving opportunities, to process improvements, machine transformation to better suite Logoplaste’s needs, increase in efficiency. In other words,  improving what already exists. 

Being fresh out of university, with an already previous work experience, David knows he is learning a lot but he also feels he can contribute with his knowledge  .   Basically, it is a win-win situation. 

Loving the city and enjoying work. 

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Lightweight Containers BV is the company behind the KeyKeg® and UniKeg® brands. These unique lightweight kegs combine groundbreaking R&D and advanced production methods with a clear understanding of what the customers need. The result is two complete families of one-way kegs that stand out in the market due to their innovation, quality, convenience, safety and sustainability. 

In May, Lightweight Containers issued a press release explaining the start-up: 

“Lightweight Containers has started up a new production line to make KeyKeg® Slimlines and UniKegs®. The new line is in Joliet, Illinois (US). The fully automated computer and robot-driven line can produce the entire Slimline and UniKeg® series depending on demand. Logoplaste supports and oversees the line’s daily production. 

With the new line, Lightweight Containers is preparing for the rapid growth it anticipates in the United States. Anita Veenendaal, CCO of Lightweight Containers, says, “In the last six years, our worldwide sales have grown by more than 40% a year. A production line in the US will en-able us to respond to the growing demand more quickly and flexibly. We also know that there’s broad support from the American society for setting up a factory there, since we’re contributing to the US economy.” 

Concentration on R&D, sales, and marketing 

The new plant was designed in close collaboration with the manufacturing specialist Logoplaste. Logoplaste takes care of organizing the line’s daily production. Jan Veenendaal CEO of Light-weight Containers has this to say about this partnership: “Working with Logoplaste is enabling us to grow faster in the US, as well as to concentrate more on R&D, sales, and marketing. Logoplaste is a highly professional production partner who completely shares our views on quality and continuity. The new production line is a logical consequence of our strategy of producing as closely as possible to our customers.” 

The same language 

David Batey, Regional Commercial Director for Logoplaste NCEE: “Logoplaste and Lightweight Containers are both ambitious, successful family firms and we speak the same language. Besides that Lightweight Containers knows the ins and outs of both the production line and the manufacturing process through and through. Because of this we were able to round off the preparations quickly, professionally and successfully. The 
start of the fully automated production line went well and we’re now producing at full capacity.” 
KeyKegs® are now produced at three locations: Schwerin (Germany), Den Helder (the Netherlands) and Joliet (USA). A fourth production line in Germany will be opened in mid-2016. UniKegs® will be produced in Joliet (USA).” 
Logoplaste Joliet is excited with this challenge and happy to be a part of the production of this innovative, sustainable concept. 

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Ecover does it again

Logoplaste Innovation Lab with the Ecover Ocean bottle project just won the Green Good Design Award 2016 in the packaging category.

Architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning projects, product, packaging, and graphic designs from over 20 nations were awarded with Green GOOD DESIGN 2016, representing the world’s most important manufacturers and design firms. This also includes the leading FORTUNE 500 corporations that are forwarding a new emphasis on a more sustainable design and environment worldwide.

This is the 8th year The Chicago Athenaeum institution has developed this very specialized edition of the original GOOD DESIGN program.

Green GOOD DESIGN identifies and emphasizes the world’s most important examples of sustainable design and to develop a public awareness program to the general public about which global companies are doing the best job ecological and sustainable design for our world environments.

The original GOOD DESIGN founded in Chicago in 1950 remains the oldest and most important Awards Program worldwide.

For 2016 Green GOOD DESIGN, the Chicago Athenaeum received hundreds of submissions from around the world.

Members of The European Center’s International Advisory Committee—worldwide leaders in the design industry—served as the jury and selected over 100 products, programs, people, environmental planning, and architecture as outstanding examples of Green Design from 22 nations.

Logoplaste São Cristóvão wins an Ipiranga Award 

Logoplaste São Cristóvão, Brazil, wins Best Service Level award at an Ipiranga’s event. 
The award was included in the MAIS Ipiranga Supplier Program, where vendors are rated in the following categories: Technical Quality, Commercial Relationship and Service Level. 

Logoplaste São Cristóvão reached an impressive mark of 100% OTIF (on time in full deliveries) during the whole year of 2015. 


Nano Barrier, one more step towards reality.

On February 28th Logoplaste Innovation Lab’s Maria Eugenia Zacarias and Pedro Lopes participated in the PACE Conference, in Amsterdam.

Nano Barrier - extended shelf-life biopolymers for sustainable and multifunctional food packaging solutions – is gaining shape.

This project, which started in March 2012, is funded by with European Community funds, and has many companies involved.

From iLAB there is Pedro Lopes, who takes on responsibilities of CAD Manager / Project Manager, and Maria Eugénia Zacarias, the project Raw Materials Consultant and Area Coordinator.

NanoBarrier gives O2 barrier performance at different levels using BioBase materials.


For more information please visit www.cadin.net


The iconic bottle ECOVER wins the prestigious Gold award at the German Design Awards 2016.

The ceremony took place February last, in Frankfurt at the Ambient 2016 International Fair.

Present to receive the trophy were Logoplaste Innovation Lab members: Helder Almeida, Head of Project, and Carlos Rego Design Manager.

The Jury’s statement on the project summarizes the basic ideas that were taken into consideration when creating ECOVER:

“Ecover Ocean bottle is the first bottle manufactured out of recycled plastic to include 10 % ocean plastic waste. The form of the bottle is the result of rigorously applying the skeleton design principles of microorganisms in nature. With the help of bionics, this design was able to reduce the material usage by 20 % in comparison to conventional plastic bottles – with the same level of stability and functionality. The Ecover Ocean bottle is an excellent, sustainable product that deals with the problem of plastic waste in the ocean and brings the topics of recycling and sustainability to a higher level. An exemplary solution.”


Marcel de Botton, Logoplaste’s President, was interviewed by Nestlé Portugal for their internal magazine.

The piece focuses on our in-house business model.


Nature Inspired Manufacturing Workshop with the participation of Carlos Rego, Logoplaste Innovation Lab’s Design Coordinator and Biomimicy Specialist. December 14th, Cambridge University


Logoplaste won Silver at the 2015 SAP Quality Award Iberia, category: Fast Delivery

Logoplaste’s SAP Project “Treasury Management System including Bank Communication Management” won Silver in the category of “Fast Delivery” projects. SAP delivered the awards in Madrid on November 26th.

At the XVIII International Fair for Business, Food and Medicine, in Rzeszów (Poland), the new Pudliszki 280g bottle received GOLD MEDAL. 


Logoplaste was attributed 2nd place in the Portuguese ranking of “The Most International Companies”. 


A major daily Portuguese newspaper, Diário de Notícias, wrote an article on Logoplaste. 4 pages that included an overview on Logoplaste, an interview with Filipe de Botton, CEO, and a brief summary of the what we produce.

03/11/2015 - 40 YEARS OF L’ORÉAL

Article on L'Oréal's plant at Libramont :: going green.

Ribena 1,5 Lt bottle wins the Horners Bottlemakers Award 2015

The ceremony took place at the Worshipful Horners Annual Banquet and there to receive the prize was Chris Clarke, Logoplaste Innovation Lab, and Head of Lucozade Ribena Suntory Packaging Development, Satvinder Dhillon. 

This award recognizes innovation in the field of plastic bottles, and is organized in association with the British Plastic Federation. 

15/09/2015 - Hiring employees by exploring social media platforms

News ways to communicate in an ever challenging environment 

In an ever challenging as well as changing environment with a high rate of competition for premium talents, companies need to stay one step ahead in order to attract the most desirable candidates. This means knowing where to find them and communicating through the right channels. 

Logoplaste has started hiring employees by exploring social media platforms, sourcing the best channels available. 

One of these channels is Linked In, which is the starting point for many of our new recruitment campaigns. Linkd In focuses on a specific segment and allows for differentiated forms of communication. Employer branding techniques can easily be deployed alongside active media content, always a more seductive way to present the company, the position and the profile. 

To see all available positions please visit the JOBS menu - top, right hand corner



Award honors Logoplaste’s commitment to Partnership and Customer Service

RACINE, Wis., (August 4, 2015) – SC Johnson is pleased to announce that Logoplaste is the recipient of its 2015 Customer Service Excellence Supplier Award. The company is being recognized for its best-in-class on-time/in-full delivery speed and flawless execution, while remaining agile and proactive in its supply chain. Winners were recently announced at an awards ceremony during an SC Johnson supplier recognition event in Chicago.

The award honors the contributions of Logoplaste in establishing a solid, global partnership with its customer. SC Johnson applauded the company’s excellence in providing best-in-class, cross-functional collaboration both for day-to-day activities and new project developments.  

“On behalf of SC Johnson, I’d like to congratulate Logoplaste on its exemplary customer service,” said Marcelo Stefani, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, SC Johnson. “This award recognizes the company’s proactive customer-oriented business attitude with long-term scope, and strong focus on partnership and continuous improvement.”

Logoplaste CEO, Filipe de Botton, reflected on the honor and immense pleasure in receiving such an award. “It will increase the responsibility that weighs on Logoplaste when it comes to the quality of the relationship with SC Johnson,” he stated. “SC Johnson has the highest standards of FMCG companies worldwide. We have been able to deliver innovation along the supply chain thanks to the fantastic relationships that exist between both teams. We are strongly committed to continue growing our business relationship with SC Johnson on a worldwide scale.”

For more information please contact communication@logoplaste.com

Five apprentices are currently employed by Logoplaste UK: 

2 – Leeds
2 – Thurrock
1 – Coleford

All are studying towards an electrical engineering apprenticeship.

Recruitment of apprentices involves an assessment day; including interview and testing. Tests Include team work, engineering, maths, language and practical technical skills. Test results and overall interview results and notes make up the final individual score for each applicant.

Each college year normally begins in the first week of September. Apprentices spend their first year at college full time, visiting their specific Logoplaste site during their first week to complete Logoplaste induction and Health & Safety training. Any college breaks are spent working alongside the Logoplaste technical team.

Also, the Logoplaste Apprentices participate in the UK challenge – UK’s number 1 corporate team building event that challenges teams intellectually, strategically and physically. 

Each team relies on their teamwork, communication and ability to work under pressure to solve clues, decipher codes and complete puzzles in a bid to outsmart their rivals and complete a series of missions in the least amount of time possible.

The Logoplaste UK team has been in training for the event since February 2015 and met for their first team building exercise in June 2015.

The UK Challenge took place in the Lake District from the 9th -12th July 2015.

01/07/2015 - CADIn Logoplaste Social Responsibility
For more information please visit www.cadin.net 

21/04/2015 - Plasticity in Cascais, Portugal

The event, 8th and 9th June 2015, brings together leaders of industry to explore innovative, scalable solutions for plastic.

The Plasticity Forum is a cross section of thinkers, solution providers, brands, users and those who appreciate scale to expedite the solutions and innovations that exist today to keep plastic from becoming a problem for our communities and environment. 

Plasticity offers a global discussion and perspective on solutions, how to standardize across products or industries, and how to bring about new opportunities in production and recovery operations. 

For more information, visit www.plasticityforum.com

20/04/2015 - Logoplaste Innovation Lab has two new SIDELs

Logoplaste Innovation Lab Europe will be installing a second SIDEL machine to better handle the high workload volume.

The second machine will be installed  in Cascais,  allocated for development work as well as small productions.

This second machine will be used for training on two levels:

  • Hands-on training sessions included in the PET Training courses
  • Pure SBM Training for people that will be starting work in an Industrial Unit/Plant with PET Technology 

This is a new procedure within the Logoplaste Group. Its main purpose is to allow Logoplaste Country Managers to give proper training to new employees and staff in the Industrial Units. 

Logoplaste Innovation Lab USA will be installing a SIDEL SBO1 to support development work in the USA that require a SIDEL Platform. 

Both machines are expected to be fully operational in June 2015. 

10/03/2015 - LOGOPLASTE wins the DIAGEO award

The award has the following reference “ LOGOPLASTE is recognized not only as supplier of the year, but as a brilliant example of performance, excellence and performance in all areas: Quality, Service, Technological Innovation and the Creation of Value!”

LOGOPLASTE began its partnership with DIAGEO in the USA in 2010, with the integrated unity of Plainfield, near Chicago, where PET bottles are produced for DIAGEO’s liquor drinks. Apart from the production plant, Plainfield is where LOGOPLASTE has its USA head office as well as its R&D Center for all of North America – LOGOPLASTE Innovation Lab USA. 

Besides USA, LOGOPLASTE has a strong presence in Canada and Mexico. 

Today North America is a strong growing market for LOGOPLASTE. It is estimated that in the next 4 years this market will be the second largest business unit within Logoplaste.

10/03/2015 - Logoplaste Pollination Day - Chicago 2015

Next May 21st the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry will host the 1st North American Pollination Seminar organized by Logoplaste Innovation Lab.

On its 4th event, Pollination Day is a bi-annual event that brings together Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies from all around the world to debate on: Design, Bio Mimicry,  Sustainability, Raw materials and their supply dynamics and market trends.  Industry trends are analysed, latest hot topics discussed and valuable networking is done throughout the day. 

Attendees range from decision makers to managers from Development, Design,  Marketing, Purchasing, Operations, Innovation and Supply Chain.


Next May 21st the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry will host the 1st North American Pollination Seminar organized by Logoplaste Innovation Lab.

On its 4th event, Pollination Day is a bi-annual event that brings together Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies from all around the world to debate on: Design, Bio Mimicry, Sustainability, Raw materials and their supply dynamics and market trends. Industry trends are analysed, latest hot topics discussed and valuable networking is done throughout the day.

Attendees range from decision makers to managers from Development, Design, Marketing, Purchasing, Operations, Innovation and Supply Chain.

02/03/2015 - Logoplaste innovation lab wins two IF Design awards 2015

For over 60 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized the world over as a label of design excellence. The iF logo is an internationally established symbol identifying outstanding achievements in design. 
We are thrilled to let you know that our products “Ecover Ocean Bottle” and “EPAL Fill Forever Bottle” had received an iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 and that we are among the winners of the renowned iF label.

The number of competitors was huge: the international high-profile jury assessed almost 5,000 entries from 53 countries in order to determine who would receive this coveted seal of excellence. Our “Ecover Ocean Bottle” was entered in the discipline Packaging Design / category Household while the “EPAL Fill Forever Bottle” was entered in the discipline Packaging Design / category Beverages.

Both products will be featured in the iF Design app in time for the awards ceremony iF Design award night that will take place on 27 February 2015 at BMW Welt in Munich.

Our award-winning projects will also be featured in one of three subsequent special shows in the iF Design exhibition Hamburg. The iF Design exhibition Hamburg is a permanent exhibition located in the very center of Hamburg’s HafenCity, the go-to place for those with a special interest in design and architecture.

02/02/2015 - Plastic Industry Awards 2014

The Awards Ceremony took place on 24th October in the Hilton on Park Lane, in London. Hosted by the comediant and TV presenter - Al Murray - this year's award was a sell-out, held in fronto of 800 guests.

This year's ceremony featured a brand new category - Best Recycled Plastic Product of the Year - won by Logoplaste UK and Ecover for the Ocean Bottle, made with plastic waste fished out of the sea.


Manufacturer Logoplaste UK won the new category Best Recycled Plastic Product of the Year, for a packaging project with Ecover using ocean-derived waste plastic. The plankton-inspired product design used biomimicry thinking which helped to optimise the mechanical performance of the bottle as well as reinforce an important environmental message about marine life. Logoplaste UK also won the Best Environmental or Energy Efficiency Programme category for the second year in a row, in recognition of its commitment to material and carbon reduction across all its plants. This included zero-to-landfill initiatives and product light-weighting.

01/09/2014 - Partnership with ECOVER

LOGOPLASTE Innovation Lab has worked in Partnership with ECOVER, to assist on the transition from Design to Technical Implementation of the new Line Up of ECOVER's Packaging Portfolio.

Innovation lab assisted on all the Prototyping, and Validation Protocol of the Containers enabling a fast and smooth Industrial Implementation.

The Industrial project was not retained by LOGOPLASTE. LOGOPLASTE Innovation Lab acted specifically as Technology Developer for the containers, transfering later on, all the know-how for Industrial Implementation.

This process enabled a fast time to market, as it enabled ECOVER to separate the Technical process from the Purchasing process.

By doing this, ECOVER was able to start the development earlier than on a standard development process.

18/08/2014 - Logoplaste Innovation Lab Red dot award for Logoplaste Innovation Lab
Logoplaste Innovation Lab has won the sought-after Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014, one of the largest and most respected design competitions, for the outstanding project Ecover Ocean Bottle. The international jury judged each of the 7,096 entries live and in situ in sessions running over several days. Only the best works win this seal of quality for design.

18/08/2014 - ECOVER Ocean bottle award - SILVER

Logoplaste Innovation Lab won the the Starpack Industry Awards 2014 Creative & Sustainable - The Greenstar Sustainable Award - Silver.

The bottle combines cleaning dishes with cleaning the Oceans. Judges recognised 10% - recycled Ocean Plastic (the remaining plastic is recycled from other sources) - was hopefully the start of a journey, and addresses a "hot topic" that is damaging the packaging industry in terms of environmental perception. 

10/08/2014 - R&D Director of LOGOPLASTE was invited to participate as a speaker in the Petnology 2014

Paulo Correia, R&D Director of LOGOPLASTE, and Managing Director of LOGOPLASTE Innovation Lab was invited to participate as a speaker in the Petnology 2014 (Nuremberg).

PETnology is a conference that gives the opportunity to discuss today's and future topics on where the packaging market is heading and how the PET packaging industry can handle upcoming challenges and opportunities.

15/05/2014 - New Ecover Bottle made from waste plastic fished out of the ocean

Ecover has launched its first ever bottle made from waste plastic fished out of the ocean. The Ecover Ocean Bottle is made entirely from recycled plastic, with 10 per cent of that plastic coming from the sea.

The bottle represents an exciting joint initiative between Ecover and some leading innovators in the marine conservation and packaging worlds. Using existing fishing boats kitted out with clever new technology, Waste Free Oceans' 'catch of the day' project enables European fishermen to earn money by collecting between two and eight tonnes of waste plastic per catch for cleaning and recycling. As part of a trial project, this waste has been sent to Closed Loop Recycling's plant where it was processed and turned into plastic, which was used by Logoplaste to make the new Ecover bottles. 

"Logoplaste previously created a showcase in Leixoes Port (In Portugal) of how to collect 'plastic waste' from the Oceans. We are fully aligned with the Ecover approach and are delighted to support them in this initiative," said Marcel de Botton, chairman of Logoplaste. "The majority of the waste coming into the Oceans is delivered by our rivers. By highlighting the ocean waste problem, we are reaching out to communities of people and villages by the rivers; that don't understand where the waste is going - to the sea!"

15/04/2014 - Logoplaste launches new technology for light barrier with the QREN support for SHEFA in Brazil

The implementation of package development for 2 layers on PET, with total barrier to light had the QREN support. 

The packaging is produced in 2 layers (white on the outside and black inside).

The black layer inside allows full light barrier, which helps protect the product, keeping it's qualities during their Shelf-Life.

This technology has helped open a market of huge potential, dethroning traditional card technology.

This technology allows you to place the packages at a very attractive cost, with the advantage of being recyclable.

28/09/2013 - Plastics Industry Awards 2013

The Awards Ceremony took place on 27th September at the London Hilton on Park Lane. The ceremony, in its 13th year was hosted by actor and comedian Tim Vine and attended by a audience of more than 800 guests.

For Logoplaste Coleford environmental programme with GlaxoSmithKline, which saw PET material waste cut by 65%, Logoplaste won the "Best Energy or Environmental Initiative of the year award". Logoplaste also won the "Best Training & Development of the year" award - this is the second year Logoplaste has won this award. 

Logoplaste was also finalist into the following categories: "Processor of the year" and "Apprentice/Trainee of the year - Steve Amos" from Logoplaste Thurrock.

01/09/2013 - Logoplaste Magazine - Logoworld 07/2013
Now available for reading.

22/07/2013 - New Plant for P&G at Kansas City, USA
Logoplaste is pleased to announce the start up of a new production facility for P&G in Kansas City, USA.

22/06/2013 - New Plant for Candia at Lons, France
Logoplaste is pleased to announce the start up of a new production facility for Candia in Lons, France.

01/06/2013 - New Plant for Sovena at Andujar, Spain
Logoplaste is pleased to announce the start up of a new production facility for Sovena in Andújar, Spain.

07/03/2013 - Turning sea plastic into bottles in pioneering recycling scheme

ogoplaste and Ecover (the green cleaning brand) are working together  to combine plastic trawled from the sea with a plastic made from sugar cane and recycled plastic, in what it is calling a world-first for packaging.

Boats outfitted with special equipment will be able to collect between two and eight tonnes of waste per trawl for cleaning and recycling, while other fishermen will collect plastic debris mixed with by-catch and deposit it at special collection points.

The sorted waste will then be sent to Closed Loop Recycling's plant in Dagenham, east London, where it will be processed and turned into the plastic for the new bottles.

As usually, Logoplaste is committed to improving the environment and is building its efforts.

20/02/2013 - Logoplaste Elst in Portugal Global magazine from Aicep

To read the whole article, please select "Read article".

01/01/2013 - New Plant for L Oreal at San Luis, Mexico
Logoplaste is pleased to announce the start up of a new production facility for L'Oréal in San Luís, Mexico. The unit produces packaging for Personal care.

01/01/2013 - Logoworld 06/2013 Logoplaste Magazine - Logoworld 06/2013
Now available for reading.

01/12/2012 - Logoplaste SHEFA: Innovative PET packaging wins an award in Brazil
For its innovation and challenge within the market, this particular packaging was one of the winners of the sixth edition of the "Most Successful Packaging Cases" awards this past November 13th (2012), awarded by the Embalagem Marca magazine.This award wishes to encourage and value the pursuit of excellence of Brazilian packaging, rewarding those that excelled in optimizing their set of elements or if, by themselves, those elements managed to obtain sufficient positive outcome for the industry and for the final customer.
The packaging's evaluation depended on the advantages it brought to the industry, the suppliers, the final customer and the environment; having been awarded a total of 31 prizes.

01/10/2012 - Best Training & Development Programme of the Year 2012

Known as the Oscars of the UK plastics industry, the Plastics Industry Awards offers an insight into current developments in materials usage, product design and innovative manufacturing as well as identifying excellence in training and environmental performance.

The Awards Ceremony took place on 28th September at the London Hilton on Park Lane. The ceremony, in its 12th year was hosted by comedian Sean Lock in front of a sell-out audience of 800 guests.

The Plastics Industry Awards Ceremony is held annually in London and is dedicated to rewarding innovation and exceptional performance. The awards presentation acknowledgesthe best companies and the best people in the market at this unique black tie galaevent.

Companies from a range of disciplines from machinery manufacturers to ancillary suppliers, designers to polymer producers were lined up to see who the judges chose to be the best in their respective fields.

Logoplaste UK was nominated for the Best Training & Development Programme of the Year award and won. For the award, Logoplaste UK was shortlisted against 5 competitors: Albis (UK), APPE, Classic Industries Europe, G&A Moulding Technology/Polymeroptix and Nifco UK.

The competition will be launched again in February, with the awards taking place on 27th September 2013.

"Logoplaste UK was nominated for the Best Training & Development Programme of the Year award and won."

01/05/2012 - Logoplaste Magazine - Logoworld 05/2012
Now available for reading.

16/04/2012 - Logoplaste is one of the partners of Waste Free Oceans (WFO) in Portugal

On the 28th of March 2012, WFO Foundation launched the project "Leixões Oceans without waste", and showed the first demonstration of floating litter collection in Portugal (Porto) in collaboration with Lipor (Intermunicipal Waste Management of Greater Porto) and APIP (The Portuguese Plastic Industry Association). Different kind of marine litter can be found in the seas: from kitchen waste trough fishing nets to drifting oil. Not all waste can be recycled but there is definitely high potential in marine litter and the participants had the chance to see the process of collection with the THOMSEA Trawl 2T in the Duero river.

Logoplaste today is committed to improving the environment and is building its efforts. This initiative aims to contribute to sensitize the society and authorities to the importance of keeping the oceans free of debris being a contribution to preserving biodiversity and marine ecosystems.

There were several personalities who were present during the launch of WFO Portugal: Mr. Manuel Pinto de Abreu (Secretary of the State), Mr. Tiago Pitta e Cunha (Counsellor to the President of the Republic), Mr Alexandre Dangis (Waste Free Oceans Director), Mr. João Pedro Matos Fernandes (Chairman of the Administration Board of the Leixões Port), Mr. Fernando Leite (Managing Director of Lipor) and Mr. Marcel de Botton (Our Chairman and APIP President). Mr. Marcel de Botton noted:

"Waste Free Oceans Portugal is the correct initiative to connect the Industry with the Portuguese fisheries sector and recyclers. People will see that by connecting these actors we can develop a strategy to help the environment and make our activities more sustainable".

Waste Free Oceans Foundation (WFO) is a ground breaking public-private initiative aimed at mobilizing and uniting the fisheries sector and the international plastics industry in combating the growing issue of floating litter on the coastlines, at the rivers and in the seas. Various projects were launched in Europe (France, Belgium and Spain) during 2011.

01/04/2012 - New Plant for P&G at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Logoplaste is pleased to announce the start up of a new production facility for Procter & Gamble in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The unit produces hair care bottles. This is the first Logoplaste plant in Vietnam. 

01/03/2012 - New Plant for SHEFA at Amparo, Brazil
Logoplaste is pleased to announce the start up of a new production facility for SHEFA in Amparo, Brazil. The unit produces milk bottles.

01/10/2011 - Logoplaste USA in Portugal Global magazine from Aicep
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18/06/2011 - Logoplaste Portugal participated in Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship

Some Logoplaste people participated in the Junior Achievement Portugal that promotes the Creativity & Innovation Challenge, providing lessons for Portuguese students.

The program aims to inspire and prepare young people, ages 15 to 18, to succeed in a Global Economy, contributing to their development at the level of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Various topics are discussed, such as: "Family", "Community" and "Economics for Success" according to the educational level of the class.

This initiative started in late March at the headquarters of Logoplaste, Portugal, and since then several employees have voluntarily joined the program and been "teachers" for a day.

01/06/2011 - New Plant for L'Oreal at Libramont, Belgium
Logoplaste is pleased to announce the start up of a new production facility for L'Oreal in Libramont, Belgium. The unit produces packaging for Personal care. This is the first Logoplaste plant in Belgium.

01/05/2011 - Logoplaste Malaysia in Portugal Global magazine

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01/05/2011 - New plant for Nestle in Brazil

Logoplaste's standard operating procedure of setting up production in our partners' plants offers a lot of advantages, in time savings, in cost-cutting and in promoting cooperation between ourselves and our clients. Logoplaste recently changed the operation supplying containers for the DPA yogurt plant in Araras, Brazil, North of São Paulo, from a site one mile away to a facility within their building.

DPA, a joint venture between Swiss food giant Nestle and Auckland, New Zealand-based Fonterra that has operations in several Latin American countries, has seen demand growth for its products in recent years. Moving our production to a space within their plant helped make their whole process less complicated by getting rid of one step, transport (from our previous production facility to the yogurt factory).

Construction at the DPA plant began in March 2009, the transfer of the production operation started in January of last year and the process was mostly finished by May. The two production units ran at the same time during those five months, and the equipment was moved from one plant to the other by product cell. The new system reduced water consumption by 70 percent and eliminated the need for water treatment.

11/04/2011 - Our Chairman, Marcel de Botton, received the highest academic distinction, the honorary doctorate

Our Chairman, Marcel de Botton, received on 11th April the highest academic distinction, the honorary doctorate, awarded by University of Minho. The ceremony was chaired by the Rector, Professor António Cunha and happened in the hall of Medieval Rectory University of Minho, Largo do Paço, Braga. Yet issued in the same day, two other honorary doctorates to two more unique personalities of our time.

In his speech Marcel de Botton thanked all those who have always supported him, stressing that its success is due to hard work and many sacrifices, having bet on plastic when his own father don't believed in a bright future for it. Note that after this ceremony, the University only has twelve honorary degrees awarded in total.

01/12/2010 - Marcel de Botton elected vice president of Forum Europe PET

Forum PET Europe, federation that represents the economic agents linked to the PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) industry has elected its new representatives.

Jean-Marc Rostagno, Northern Europe Director of APPE (Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe), was elected president and Marcel de Botton, chairman of Logoplaste, was elected vice-president.

Forum PET Europe main goals are to create an innovation-friendly environment for PET bottles, to promote high quality recycling and to minimize reputation risks. It further intends to act as a platform for the discussion of market and regulatory issues in the EU as well as to communicate with relevant stakeholders

Logoplaste is a founding member of this federation, such as French and German national PET associations.

17/11/2010 - Logoplaste Drive

Logoplaste has relocated its North American headquarters to the Plainfield village, creating 40 jobs making containers for Diageo alcoholic beverages. Diageo's Plainfield plant produces, among other things, Smirnoff vodka and José Cuervo tequila.

The new plant employs about 40 people, and another 50 jobs will be added when the company moves its research and development center to Plainfield in the next few years.

"It's momentous to have Logoplaste present a new manufacturing face in Plainfield in these economic times," said Tim Stetenfeld, chairman of the Plainfield Economic Development Task Force. "To have them put their North American headquarters here is just over the top."

As a sign of appreciation the City Mayor decided to name the street of the facility for the day of the launch as "Logoplaste Drive".

Logoplaste CEO Filipe de Botton went to the Plainfield facility launch. "When we think of America, we think of cowboys and cigarettes, the Marlboro Man," de Botton said. "We think the sky is the limit." 

And the new North American headquarters in Plainfield? 

"This is the strawberry on top of the cake," de Botton said.

03/11/2010 - Arla increases Cravendale production with Logoplaste

Arla is increasing production of Cravendale filtered milk by expanding its dairy in Stourton.

Arla hopes that the new facility, which should be operational by March, boosts production of Cravendale by 50 million litres a year.

"Cravendale has doubled in value in the last four years," said Brand Manager Sam Dolan. "We expect value sales to exceed £166m by the end of the year."

27/09/2010 - Logoplaste involved in Heinz HP product range
Heinz is introducing a more eco-friendly packaging across its HP sauce range as part of the plans to modernize the brand. To give the brown sauce a green twist, recyclable PET bottles will replace the current polypropylene plastic bottles next month. The labeling of the entire range will be re-launched to feature "more modern" look.

Logoplaste expanded the installed capacity at Elst to support the new bottle launch, relocating a 4th Kortec injection machine and installing a 4th new blowing and palletizing line to accommodate the expected growth, in a total investment of 9 Mio Euros. The supply agreement follows the same guidelines of the original contract creating the foundations to extend the existing relationship beyond 2014.

In the UK, the brown sauce category is currently worth £51 million, up 1% year-on-year. As the number one brand, worth over £37 million, HP Sauce is driving value growth.

24/06/2010 - Logoplaste Innovation Lab wins prize

Logoplaste Innovation Lab developed a new packaging solution for the rebranding of Florian, one of Olma's lead products, which was launched in Czech market in early 2010.

After the market launch Olma was awarded with prize of Dairy Product of the Year by the Czech ministry of agriculture, on the Dairies Company category.

Logoplaste's capacity to reformulate the package design and develop the final product was seen, by Olma, as a decisive competitive advantage

28/05/2010 - New Logoplaste factory with Diageo

This on-site PET production facility is not only a first for Diageo, it is the first of its kind for the spirits industry.  The facility will be fully operational by December 2010 and produce enough PET bottles to meet the vast majority of bottling needs at the Plainfield site.

"Adding this new on-site resource will result in a reduction in our carbon footprint, since we will no longer be trucking bottles into the facility," said David Cutter, President, Diageo Americas Supply.  "It will also help Diageo be more nimble in our production capabilities, allowing us to react much more quickly to fluctuations in production forecasts.  This partnership reinforces our focus on optimizing our Supply Operations to provide a competitive advantage to Diageo North America."

"Logoplaste is excited to be partnering with Diageo as the first spirits plant to integrate PET production on site," said Rui Abelho, Head of Logoplaste's NAFTA region. "We are also thrilled to be able to contribute to the Plainfield economy with the addition of approximately 40 new jobs and investment close to $25 million."

28/03/2010 - New Partnership with GSK

Logoplaste has recently signed an agreement to begin the production, in 2010, of packaging for the soft drinks (Ribena) and sports drinks (Lucozade) range of products produced by GSK in the United Kingdom. The agreement will see GSK and Logoplaste establish a new custom built "hole in the wall" facility near Coleford in Gloucestershire, UK. The project also involved new packaging design features developed by Logoplaste in collaboration with GSK. 

Commenting on this project Logoplaste UK Managing Director, Stephen Mancey said "Winning the GSK business was truly a team effort, it was won against the toughest competition, because Logoplaste applied the best of the best as a team approach and gave voice and importance to every department that makes a great business; Environment, HR, Project, Design, Quality, innovations and people.  GSK were impressed by the freshness of approach and it is worth remembering that this was possibly the biggest project tendered in the world in 2008".

21/01/2010 - Logoplaste in Packaging Europe
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14/12/2009 - Logoplaste Innovation Lab

To better reflect its human centered methodology, Logoplaste adopted a new name and image for its product development area. The objective remains the same: working in a true partnership that leads to the best packaging solutions.

Logoplaste Innovation Lab is an independent business unit, active in the research and development of high performance plastic packaging solutions, through a 360º methodology. This methodology takes as its starting point the human factors (what people desire?) and combine them with technological and business factors. The result is an integrated and supported by extensive creative, technical and business analysis knowledge to deliver the best solution to the customer and consumer.

19/10/2009 - Lightest Polybottle For Milk

Arla Foods, in partnership with Logoplaste, developed the lightest two pint polybottle for milk in the UK, in a project that started in 2006. Arla and Logoplaste have also made progress on reducing the weight of six pint bottles. For the moment they are being produced at Stourton, where Logoplaste has a "hole in the wall" operation.

At the Stourton dairy six pint bottles are being produced four grammes lighter than the industry average of 70 grammes and at the Ashby dairy they are coming out even lighter at 65 grammes. Arla has also cutting the weight of its bottle caps from 2.3 grammes to 2 grammes - a reduction that works out at 122 tonnes less plastic a year.

Logoplaste works with Arla in the UK in the production of dairy packaging since 2003.

09/09/2009 - New plant in Ukraine funded by EBRD

Logoplaste took a decisive step in its internationalization strategy by formally obtain funding of 4.1 million euros from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to invest in a packaging plant in Ukraine. "This investment is important for several reasons, beginning with the fact of being the first industrial investment in a Portuguese company in Ukraine," said Filipe de Botton, Logoplaste CEO.

The packaging plant, located in Kiev, is now fully operational and producing exclusively for a U.S. multinational that manufactures household products. "Logoplaste is remodeling the plant in order to modernize it and increase production", said Botton. EBRD financing will cover most of the investment.

04/08/2009 - Logoplaste launches new production facility with Procter & Gamble in Malaysia

Logoplaste is pleased to announce the start up of a new production facility for P&G in Kuantan, Malaysia. The unit will produce packaging for household detergents and begin production in August 2009. This is Logoplaste's first venture in the Asia Pacific region. Commenting on this new phase of Logoplaste's growth, Logoplaste CEO Filipe de Botton said "we have a clear intention to be a global partner with our customers and this first step in the South East Asia cone is a demonstration of our commitment and strategy for the future of Logoplaste".

Stephen Mancey, Logoplaste Malaysia Managing Director and P&G KAM said "This project is small but a marker for our future growth in the Far East, The new team has done a fantastic job to place a "show ready" plant in the region from which we will surely grow in future".

31/07/2009 - Logoplaste inaugurates new facility with SC Johnson in Ukraine
On 1st July 2009, Logoplaste inaugurated its first "hole in the wall" packaging facility for SC Johnson. The facility, based in Kiev, Ukraine, is producing packaging for many of SC Johnson's well known household care brands.

Commenting on this new partnership with SC Johnson, Logoplaste Central and Eastern Europe Managing Director, Francisco  Neto said:
"It was a truly rewarding moment: we entered a new country full of potential, with the privilege of doing that alongside a great partner, also a family company that shares our core values and truly perceives the value of partnership like Logoplaste does. This new venture also strengthens our central European team, rewards their determined work and enhances the potential for further commercial success in this strategic region for our group's growth in the near future".

12/01/2009 - Logoplaste opens a new factory in Elst, Netherlands
Logoplaste inaugurated its new factory in Elst, Netherlands with its client Heinz. The new facility will produce packaging from a new technology, called "multilayer PET", developed by Logoplaste in partnership. This technology gives greater durability. The ceremony was presided by the Economic Affairs Minister for Portugal, Prof. Dr. Manuel Pinho.

01/01/2009 - Logoplaste and Arla Foods in the press
Logoplaste UK recently featured in an article with its client Arla Foods in "Food Manufacture" a monthly publication targeting companies in this sector of industry in UK. The article talks about their partnership together.

11/08/2008 - CAPSA new plant with Logoplaste Spain
In order to respond to the positive market demand for UHT milk plastic bottles in Spain, Logoplaste Spain is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the plastic bottle blowing operation of CAPSA (Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta) for its new plant in Zarzalejo (Madrid), which was recently acquired from La Serrana Campo Leite, S.A. The plant will be completely refurbished, and will be installed with new equipment, according to Central Lechera Asturiana requirements, the brand owned by CAPSA. The new plant will start production in the final part of 2008.