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Engineering for the future - 2nd Edition 

Logoplaste’s Engineering for the future Internship Trainees have spent 4 months in Leeds learning and getting a hands experience with Extrusion blow molding production process. 

As part of their training,  trainees Francisco Fernandes, João Castelo and João Paulos, spent 2 weeks at the Technical Center,  with Alan Roche, Leeds Process Engineer.  Integration with the Leeds team was easy, which creates a positive environment for proactive learning.


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Internship Program @Logoplaste
3rd Edition 


At Logoplaste, innovation and development is key for our business growth. We believe in having a strong workforce, with the necessary skills and competencies, in order to achieve our strategic goals.
As part of Logoplaste’s 2015 strategy, we started a Global Internship Program, where talented graduates have the opportunity to help build and grow a successful business, while at the same time have access to state of the art production processes, fully automated lines, optimized efficiency at all levels and innovation as part of the company’s culture, DNA and daily routines. 

The program is based on 6 fundamental principles:

1. Learning Culture

Logoplaste values methods that support and encourage Trainees to develop their knowledge, skills and performance.

2. Continuous Improvement

Constant learning during the program, promotes continuous improvement and helps Trainees achieve their goals. It also helps Trainees to be innovative and develop their ability to deal with change. 

3. Challenge

In every step of the program, Trainees have the opportunity to be a part of challenging projects and tasks that have real impact in packaging production.

4. Knowledge Sharing

Logoplaste encourages Trainees and Employees to work together more effectively, to collaborate and to share personal knowledge, be it theoretical or practical. Whenever these sessions come up with a Best Practice, this is shared worldwide. 

5. Job Rotation

During the duration of the program, Trainees will have the possibility to rotate through five functional areas within the Logoplaste Group: shop floor and production processes, technical department and innovation lab. This will promote in-depth knowledge of all production processes, project management skills, innovation and design of plastic packaging.

6. Mentoring

To ensure the continuous learning, individual development needs, Trainees will be assigned a mentor, that will monitor performance, support all developmental activities and encourage to go further.

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  • Recent graduate in Engineering: ElectricalMechanical or Polymers
  • Availability for international mobility
  • Fluent in English
  • Internship experience is valued 
  • Ambitious
  • Team player
  • Eager to learn
  • Focused on quality and continuous improvement
  • Dynamic and energetic
  • Willing to be a part of our shop floor team 

The main objective of the Internship Program is for trainees to acquire an overview of Logoplaste, through a global program, providing challenging work experiences, knowledge sharing, innovation, and development of hard and soft skills.

The 3rd edition will start shortly, so do not miss this opportunity to apply. 

!NOW! Candidates can apply on our page !NOW!

Download PDF with all the information you need to apply



joined Logoplaste Santa Iria, Portugal, for one of the summer Trainee Programs 

Let’s find out how things are going...
Manuel, 22 years old, is currently working on his thesis focusing on the Portuguese packaging waste system to conclude his masters on Industrial Engineering and Management. 

He had an idea, why not sign up for one of Logoplaste’s Trainee Programs and find out more about how plastic packages are made. This would tie in nicely with the research to help complete this paper. 

Logoplaste matched his skills to the available programs, and Manuel was placed in Santa Iria, where he is assisting Maintenance as a liaison for the SAP Team.  
So far, so good.  

His program included: 

  • Induction and training at headquarters with several stakeholders to help him understand what he was required to do
  • Introduction at Santa Iria, for Health & Safety instructions as well as job specifications
  • Hands on the job – there is nothing better than practice to start learning

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3rd Edition of Engineering for the Future

Potential candidates for the 3rd Edition of Engineering for the Future doing their Group Dynamic.
Competition is tough if you want to get in. 

Group Dynamics evaluates teamwork and communication skills. Candidates are evaluated throughout the whole process. 
This is just one of the challenges. 

This event was held at Logoplaste HQ in Cascais, Portugal.

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1st Edition of Engineering for the Future

Find out what Trainees from the 2015 edition are saying about the program

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