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Using Linked In

New ways to communicate in an ever challenging environment 
New Recruitment tools 

Lisa Hillburn, Corporate HR Director, and Vera Pires, Corporate HR Manager share how Logoplaste is redesigning its approach to recruit and attract new talent. 

In an ever challenging as well as changing environment with a high rate of competition for premium talents, companies need to stay one step ahead in order to attract the most desirable candidates. This means knowing where to find them and communicating through the right channels. 

Logoplaste has started hiring employees by exploring social media platforms, sourcing the best channels available. 

One of these channels is Linked In, which is the starting point for many of our new recruitment campaigns. Linked In focuses on a specific segment and allows for differentiated forms of communication. Employer branding techniques can easily be deployed alongside active media content, always a more seductive way to present the company, the position and the profile. 

Logoplaste’s Corporate Human Resources goal is to have an extended talent pool, ready for all occasions.

Another tool in the pipeline was the corporate website. This channel was revamped in 2016 and include a new career page to advertise jobs globally in a more interactive and friendly way. 

As part of the new market approach, apprenticeships will be promoted on a worldwide scale. They are key in securing fresh out of high school students, who have a strong desire to learn and grow within the Logoplaste community. It is also a way for the company to empower local communities giving an opportunity to young driven people. 

University internships also work well as a form to “mould” graduates. Programs such as “Logoplaste’s Managers for the Future” is being implemented and will help strengthen workgroups. 

2017 will be an interesting year when it comes to recruitment and HR policies. 

Logoplaste's Corporate HR Team

Lisa Hillburn 

Corporate HR Director 

Vera Pires

Corporate HR Manager 

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