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Human side


Each Logoplaste site, anywhere in the world, is alert to what they can do for the community around them.  Support can be given in various forms and formats, what matters is to be there and help out. 

The Human Side of Logoplaste shows how each team, on their own, finds ways to give a hand to those who need it. 

...doing good, feels good...  

Logoplaste's West Virginia Team is collecting school supplies to support Boys & Girls Club of America, in this case the Eastern Panhandle, Martinsburg. 
Helping out the local community is one of Logoplaste's Core Values and it always feels great to help out.

For more information please visit  www.bgcepwv.net

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CADIN's waiting area 

When CADIn launched the call for help, Isabel Machado, Treasury, and Rita Bento, SAP, took on the task and are helping out with the reception area.
Their challenge is to keep it neat and clean for all the children waiting for their appointment. 

The first mission was to sort out books and toys, removing all that was not in perfect condition and replacing it with new items, collected from the team at Headquarters. As they were finishing up, a young child came to play in the newly organized space. 

Rita signed up because she was looking for a volunteering experience, and this was the perfect match for she can do it on the lunch break. She wanted to get more involved in Logoplaste's Social Responsibility project and be more active in the company. 
Isabel was caught by surprise, for she thought she was signing up just to bring toys and books from home… but she is happy to be part of a project where you know you are truly helping  and using "recycled" material. 

After the reorganization, the kids reception area looked great. 

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A4Y :: All 4 YOUth 
JUNE 2016
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Helping the next generation by providing tools to jump start their career 

Logoplaste is part of the Alliance for Youth, a Nestlé initiative to help youth enter the employment market. 

The program gives them tool so they can prepare a cv and a cover letter, build their profile on Linked In, look for a jo in a pro-active and smart manner as well as handle an interview. 

In June, Logoplaste HQ hosted Nestlé and the other companies for a work session in Cascais. Participating companies included Sonae, Graphicsleader, Vodafone, The Navigator Company, BPI Bank and BA Vidro.

For more information on the program  please
click here

CADIN’s III International Congress uses Logoplaste’s manpower

MAY 2016

Volunteers from Headquarters - Cascais, are going to help fold the congress’s brochure, which needs everyone’s attention so it turns out well. 

But that is not all. Other teams will be helping out with:

  • Organizing the children’s play area at reception – year round project 
  • Reading a book during story time – year round project 
  • Painting the garden benches – on time project 
Commitment can come from being part of Logoplaste’s Social Responsibility Program. 

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Congresso Internacional 2016
  - available in English and Portuguese