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Global Stretch blow-moulding
in the hand of Rob Daly-East. 

“In 2013 at the Logoplaste Technical Forum in Cascais, Portugal, it was decided that specific technical groups would be created to investigate, as well as promote, best practices across the various plastic processes.  

I am in charge of the Global Stretch blow-moulding (SBM) Workgroup and we examine the following areas:  Maintenance; Cost-of-Ownership of SBM Rotary machine technology, Quality Systems and Energy Management.  Much research has been done since the Group’s creation.  In 2015 we were able to draw interesting conclusions, and we are in the process of making recommendations to the Global Logoplaste Community, which will support improved performance. 

One of the many materials produced, was a “Foundation Principles: SBM Maintenance” booklet we have shared with those plants using SBM technology. Apart from this summary of important information, we have conducted visits to plants to promote the sharing of knowledge and the reduction of maintenance costs.

Working together on a worldwide scale brings many advantages to the workgroup: collective experience, improve supply performance, definition of global best practices and the accumulation of valid, fail-proof information.” 

Rob Daly-East

Supply-Chain Director 
Logoplaste NCEE Region 

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Photograph on the left, from left to right:

Paul Brown - Projects, Logoplaste UK
Mick Gray
- Plant Manager, Logoplaste Coleford
David Martins
- Plant Manager, Logoplaste Barreiro
Renato Ferreira
- Plant Manager, Logoplaste Palmela
Valdemar Guerreiro
- Maintenance Technician, Logoplaste Barreiro

Photograph on the right: 
Rob Daly-East - Supply-Chain Director, Logoplaste NCEE region 

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