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Logoplaste's Board and their commitment to a Global Quality Policy

"Achieve a Quality Culture to ensure that we enhance the trust and loyalty from our Partners; 
through the development of our practice, continuous improvement of product and process conformity 
and growth for our organizations."

In the photograph, from left to right: 
Filipe de Botton - Logoplaste's CEO 
Marcel de Botton - Logoplaste's President 
Alexandre Relvas - Logoplaste's CEO 

Working for Global Quality 

Peter Lewis, Quality Manager UK in charge of overseeing Global Quality on a worldwide scale, balances out the past 2 years and looks into the near future, where Logoplaste’s Quality Policy plays an important role:  
“Over the last 2 years, the foundations of a Global Quality approach has been established; Global Quality Policy, Global Quality KPI’s, Software tools and most recently Audit.

The overall objective being to use Manufacturing Intelligence to share experiences, Knowledge and Best Practices to identify the most effective approach to Quality and Process Control to meet and exceed both our Partner requirements and our own. To work in the most effective ways, with common software and tools to support our journey to Quality Excellence.

From a software point, we have focussed on Infinity QS. 

Infinity QS has been rolled out at Thurrock and in the USA. It is a powerful data collection tool that can collect and present Quality Data. It will display results in Real Time and allow trends to be analysed. In addition, it can be used to collect Process Data such as Dosing levels, Temperature and Humidity, Line Clearance results, Injection – Husky Shotscope process control. 

The most powerful benefit comes from the identification of the relationships between Process KPI’s and Product Quality. 

We are using a Manufacturing Intelligence approach to define the relationship between Quality Control data and Process Control data to achieve Continuous Improvement. This is not a new idea but it is still not that widely adopted in the industry.

We are driving Manufacturing Intelligence through Data Collection, automated where possible and then looking for ways to achieve our goal of minimal Quality Checks whilst having a complete view of our Process KPI’s.

Our goal is to use Manufacturing Intelligence data to improve our Process Control understanding and reduce Quality Control activities.”

Peter Lewis 

Quality Manager UK
Global Quality Supervisor 

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